Safe and Reliable Towing Service in Vineland

A common misconception that exists among Vineland drivers is that towing is only for heavy-duty vehicles such as tractors, vans and jeeps. This is far from the truth.

We are very proud that our professionally trained team of towing experts is capable of towing any vehicle of any size to safety in a quick and reliable fashion. The cutting-edge technological advancements that we use mean that we will be with you within thirty minutes of receiving your call. So whether your vintage car has left you stranded on a rural road or your vehicle has broken down in rush-hour Vineland traffic, don’t fear as Forest Grove Auto Body is here to help. We know that nobody expects their car to break down but we have come to expect the unexpected. If you are in trouble then there is only one number to call, and make sure that it’s us!

Premier Roadside Assistance

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the road with a car that simply will not move. It is extremely stressful and a worst-case scenario event that most Vineland drivers hope will never happen to them. Unfortunately, the simple fact of the matter is that breakdowns do happen. They can occur at any time or place and often will strike at the most awkward time possible. That is why you need to ensure that, before you set out on any journey, you have the premier roadside assistance service number saved in your phone. Much like packing an umbrella despite there not being a cloud in the sky, having access to Forest Grove Auto Body’s award-winning roadside assistance towing service is the insurance policy that you should not plan without. We know that 99 times out of one hundred you will not need us but, much like that trusty umbrella during a random shower, the one time you do is when you will really appreciate planning ahead. Don’t take chances with cheap imitations. Contact the towing service you can trust today.

24-Hour Recovery Service

At Forest Grove Auto Body we have been helping Vineland drivers get from point A to point B for decades. In that time the main lesson we have learned is that breakdowns, stalls and accidents can happen to every type of vehicle and driver, day or night.

We are extremely proud of the fact that that we are one of the first garages in Vineland to provide a 24-hour service. So whether you have had a collision and don’t want to risk driving home or simply realize that your car won’t start after dinner with friends, you can count on us. At Forest Grove Auto Body we are passionate about what we do. That is why we will promise that one of our towing professionals will be there to provide you with the assistance you need in no time at all.